Because impacts are one

In the environment, everything is interdependent. Choose the first SaaS solution that assesses all your impacts and go from monitoring to action.

Build your own sustainable 360° action plan

For your company and/or your products.

Taking into account your economic constraints

With immediate projection of both your financial and environmental results.

Footprint target who is it for ?

To all organizations with a structured IT system (ERP, PLM)


Mid-cap companies

Big companies

Footprint Target approach



Assess and understand your impacts



Manage your actions by integrating your economic constraints


Move forward

Choose solutions adapted to your state of progress

Why Footprint Target ?

The environment cannot be viewed from just one angle, like carbon footprint. We live in an ecosystem where everything is interdependent.

Save time in your CSR procedures, thanks to our software package in SAAS mode

Give meaning to communication of your results with your customers, as of your team

Manage your sustainable actions in link with their financial impact

They support us

Footprint target is developed by Green Score Capital, Young Innovative Company supported by :