The Earth system is interconnected

Integrating environmental data is key to drive our performance in the future.

Our approach


We integrate scientific repositories resulting from academic research to offer you the most relevant assessment.


We allow you to integrate the environment into your strategic roadmap


We rely on your organization and internal progress to build a tailor-made solution

Footprint Target: a tailor-made solution

We combine your company’s data with external environmental data, including space data* to set up your operational environmental action plan.

* With the support of the European Space Agency

Link impact to human activities

The health of all of Earth’s living tissue is essential to its inhabitants. It faces 5 major environmental threats linked to human activities. Certainly, action must be taken. But this situation also offers opportunities for growth.

Climate change

0.17 ° C per decade is the increase in the Earth’s average temperature since 1970, it has been 0.07 ° C per decade since 1880.

This amplifies existing risks and creates new risks for the living tissue of the Earth.

Pollution and waste

80% of the world’s wastewater is not treated. By 2025, the world’s cities will produce 2.2 Gt of waste per year.

Air pollution is the greatest environmental health risk of all time, and soil and water pollution pose a risk to health and food safety.

Overexploitation of resources

35,500 species are threatened with extinction, or 28% of all recorded species.

The disappearance of species unbalances the ecosystems essential to our survival.

And our fossil resources are limited.

Natural habitats’ degradation

More than 50% of the earth’s surface is covered with surfaces of human origin. This makes it difficult for species to find spaces to inhabit and feed.

Invasive species

1/5 of the earth’s surface is at risk of animal or plant invasions. These invasive species can outperform local species for food and habitat and thus disrupt ecosystems.