Sustainable development is the new normal

An integrated approach linking sustainable development to your strategy and results

You have a structured IT system that collects data on your procurement, manufacturing, marketing and distribution (ERP, PLM tools). Manage your environmental roadmap by integrating its financial aspects and establish different strategies according to the evolution of your competitive and economic environment.

Footprint target assets

Visualize your environmental impacts and identify your action levers.

Be a step ahead on upcoming regulations with our holistic view.

Evaluate the financial impacts of your environmental decisions, reinvest the generated gains to go further.

Connect easily your system to our REST API module.

Why Footprint target ?

Adopt a 360 ° approach

Climate change, pollution, biodiversity, waste management, we have to face numerous challenges. For companies, ecological challenges are increasing, that is why it is necessary to use an holistic platform to manage your entire CSR strategy.

Optimize your ROI and your image

Identify the risks and opportunities for your business. Integrate sustainability information into your reports and improve your brand image through greater transparency in your communication.

Become actors in your CSR approach and make the change

Involve your teams in establishing your action plan. Analyse all your sustainable development indicators in an operational way. Quickly identify all your action levers.

Footprint target, how does it work ?


We combine your business data with external environmental data into scientific algorithms to assess your full environmental impact.

The returned analysis allows you to understand the consequences of your impacts on the environment.


Depending on your results, the tool offers you customised solutions to your situation and allows you to prioritize them according to their environmental or financial impact.


Once you have set your goals, communicate your results and regularly monitor your growth.

Adjust if necessary according to the opportunities available to you.